What is EasyPIBA?

EasyPIBA is a lightweight PHP framework, easy to install, easy to learn, easy to develop.

PIBA stands for PHP (just because), InnoDB (yes, InnoDB with relations between tables, so you don't have to write code for interacting with the database, and that's very cool), Bootstrap (because it's cool) and AdminLTE (because it's also cool).

Why EasyPIBA?

  • Are you tired of classic routing in PHP frameworks? Now you can create your own custom URLs inside your modules and register them as a simple array. So it's for the backend section. Easy, right?
  • Are you tired to write for every entity in the database a huge PHP code, defining every property and functions for CRUD? You don't have no more with EasyPIBA! Easy, right?
  • Are you tired to create your backend for every app you develop? EasyPIBA comes with a nice backend where you can develop more objects for your custom application.
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So, if you want to save time and energy you should give it a try. Right now. Trust me. It will cost you 2 minutes to install if you have git on your machine or 5 minutes to download a zip file and unzip it, plus 2 minutes to go trough setup. Sounds easy and fast, isn't it?